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Rushen - Pam Crowe

I promise to build on my proven record of success, working hard for the people of Rushen and the Nation of Mann.

Those seeking re-election must stand by their respective records.

This is my record of achievement:

  • chairman of the office of fair trading

  • member of the department of trade and industry

  • member of the department of health and social security

  • member of the film commission

  • chairman of select committee on the minimum wage

  • introduction of proof of age cards for the islands school children

  • deregulated trading laws that disadvantaged small traders

  • introduction of the employment sex discrimination act

  • limited the sale of tobacco to those over 18

  • legislated to allow local brewers to brew specialty ales

  • initiated the fair trading amendment bill

  • provision of a financial services ombudsman

Having achieved so much in my first term my enthusiasm to achieve more in my next term is even greater. The growth of the economy has created one of the most prosperous and productive periods of the islandís history, allowing government to provide more and better public services. Major capital projects have been commissioned; hospitals, schools, sports facilities, sewage and waste disposal schemes, air and port facilities alongside the introduction of new energy sources for the Island. We must continue to develop successful and diverse strategies to maintain and secure our nations future, whilst not diminishing the quality of life that we enjoy.

I support:

  • the new tax strategy maintaining low taxes

  • further diversification of our economic base

  • generous welfare provision for the sick, the elderly and others in need

  • a quality health service for all

  • excellence in education and training

  • reduced energy costs for the island

  • ongoing development of the islands infrastructure

  • respect for law and order

  • strategies to maintain the quality of Manx life

Our island is part of a global economy, we compete for business on the world stage, government must encourage and promote the island abroad, as a well regulated regime with a high standard of probity in which reputable business can flourish. However, I will not lose sight of local issues.

I am proud to have played a part in:

  • the establishment of a police headquarters in Port Erin

  • the southern community health centre

  • 24 hour ambulance cover based

  • At the four roads

  • the ongoing progression of the

  • Marina in Port St Mary which

  • Should be a vital catalyst to

  • Boost the local economy

  • In the future i will work for:

  • affordable public housing in rush en

  • the provision of more sheltered housing units in Rushen

  • integrated transport utilising the rail track from Port Erin

  • extended provision of facilities for young people

  • completion of the Port St Mary marina

  • support for specialist tourism

  • modernisation of the civic amenity site

I stand for an open government that takes responsibility for its own affairs and for the needs and interests of its own people.

As my knowledge has increased so has my enthusiasm to serve the people of Rushen and the Nation of Mann.

I make no brash election promises that I may not be able to keep.

You are assured of my honesty, common sense and hard work, I hope you will allow me to represent you in the future.

Pam Crowe

Please do not hesitate to call me

If you wish to discuss any issues in more detail.

I would be pleased to help if you need transport on election day.

If you are not able to vote in person on polling day please call me for an absent voter or proxy voter form.


Published by Pam Crowe

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