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Candidate Profile

Martyn Quayle - Middle

Full Name George Martyn Quayle
Age 47
Marital Status Single
Children None
Place of Birth Douglas, Isle of Man
Occupation Member of the House of Keys for Middle


Political History & Views

What is your political history or relevant experience?

2001 - to date, Member of the House of Keys for Middle and Member of Tynwald
2001 - to date, Member, Department of Tourism and Leisure
2001 - 2004, Member, Department of Trade and Industry
2001 - 2004, Member, Office of Fair Trading
2004 - 2005, Member, Department of Home Affairs
2004 - to date, Chairman, Isle of Man Water Authority
2005 - to date, Member, Department of Trade and Industry
2002 - to date, Chairman, Tynwald Standing Committee on Economic Initiatives.

Member, Council of Ministers Social Policy Committee and past Member of several Select Committees of Tynwald on Petitions of Redress of Grievances, including that which recommended to Tynwald, an Independent Police Complaints System.I have had a keen interest in Manx, British and World Politics for as long as I can remember. Prior to being elected in November 2001, I had experience in the Isle of Man Civil Service and 25 years of solid business experience in the Private Sector, including the successful management of a Major Multi-Million Pound Company for 15 years, dealing with Customers, Staff, Suppliers and Shareholders. I feel that my business experience and Polical experience gained over the last 5 years will be invaluable in working for the benefit of my Constituents in Middle and the Isle of Man,should I be re-elected.

Are you a member of any organisation which guides or influences your political views or polices?

No affiliation to any Political Party and I am proud to have had an Independent stance on all of the major issues over the last 5 years, supporting the Government where I have considered it right to do so, but equally giving 100% opposition on many occasions where I have felt that they have been misguided, such as its Waste Strategy, including Archallagan, Local Authority Reform and its flawed proposals on Rate Revaluation

What are your main national issues?

  • Ensuring that the Economy continues to be successful, flourishes and further diversifies, whilst preserving the Quality of Life that we all cherish, so that we can continue our investment in Health, Education, Housing and Law and Order.
  • To address the issue of Immigration/New Residents to ensure that they contribute to our economy and that they are a benefit not a burden, by strengthening the Work Permit Measures and consider introducing the Residency Act and Regulations and Passport Control, and look at Legislation in other jurisdictions to ensure that we come up with the best solution.
  • To meet and deal with any external threats to our successful economy, such as from the European Union, UK or OECD.
  • TO deal with the ongoing effects of the MEA, and tackle the sustainability of Public Sector Pensions for new entrants to the Civil Service.
  • To cushion those on low and fixed incomes from rising costs, which could outstrip their ability to pay, to look at the Scope and Structure of Government to make it more efficient, effective and accountable including Capital and Revenue expenditure.
  • To achieve Constitutional Reform to popularly elect the eight Members of Legislative Council and redistribution of House of Keys seats to achieve fairer representation across the Island.
  • To secure a viable future for Agriculture
  • To focus our expenditure, not so much on Capital schemes but looking after our own people more by Revenue Expenditure.
  • To be more mindful of the Environment and be committed to be responsible as an Island.

What are your main local issues?

  • To work with the Local Authorities in Braddan and Marown and be supportive of their ongoing efforts to provide an excellent service to the Parishes, to work proactively with them in conjunction with the Police in the Eastern and Western Neighbourhood Policing Teams, to address anti-social behaviour and the problems of excessive speeding.
  • In relation to any further development in the Parishes, to ensure that there are sufficient facilities, such as a GP/Dental Surgery and Chemist at the Strang and Sports facilities at Ballafletcher
  • To work towards Traffic calming through Union Mills including a safe crossing
  • To work towards Traffic calming through Crosby including a safe crossing and an assessment of Eyreton Road.
  • To continue lobbying the Department of Education for Pre-School Facilities at Marown
  • To continue opposition to the Government's ludicrous and extravagant proposals for Archallagan, and to work with the Private Sector to provide a more cost effective solution.
  • To continue efforts to hold the Department of Transport to account and to bring to a resolution, the ongoing IRIS problems affecting White Hoe and Ivy Cottages and Meary Veg, and to press for the completion of the IRIS pipework from Peel to Union Mills.
  • To continue to be accessible,efficient and effective in assisting Constituents in Middle with various issues.

What do you believe you would bring to government as an MHK?

Twenty-five years of solid, successful business experience in the Private Sector, followed by a five year 'Apprenticeship' in Politics as Member of the House of Keys for Middle. Having been tried, tested and trusted the enormous experience gained in many Departments, and having played an effective pivotal role in some of the major issues, the experience gained would be most useful to the Constituency and to the Island in helping to meet the challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead. Additionally, I am young, keen, enthusiastic, have demonstrated my commitment, effectivess and ability to work as a Member of a Team to get things done

Other Documents & Information
2001 General Election Manifesto


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