Photo of the House of Keys

Local Authority Election 2016 - Braddan

Thursday 28 April 2016

Seats Available: 5

Contact Details

Mr J C Whiteway

Commissioners'™ Office,
Close Corran,
Union Mills,

Candidates - Braddan

No of Seats: 5

The following have been elected in and non-contested election.

Christina CORKILL, North Lodge, Cronkbourne, Braddan
Andrew Charles Richard JESSOP, Seaclife, Old Castletown Road, Braddan
Neal Maurice MELLON, Ullican, 2 Ballaoates Road, The Strang, Braddan
John QUYALE, Ca'D'Zan, The Downs, Union Mills, Braddan

The remaining seat was filled by David Dentith after a second un-contested election.