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Alfred Cannan elected as the next Chief Minister

Tue, 12 Oct 2021

Alfred Cannan has been elected as the next Chief Minister of the Isle of Man.

MHKs voted for the Treasury Minister to take the top role by fourteen votes to eight.


CANNAN, Alfred - Tim Johnston, Claire Barber, Tim Glover, Jason Moorhouse, Alf Cannan, Ann Corlett, David Ashford, Tim Crookall, Stuart Peters, Rob Callister, Julie Edge, Jane Poole-Wilson, Kate Lord-Brennan. (14)

ALLINSON, Alex - Juan Watterson, Claire Christian, Joney Faragher, Sarah Maltby, Alex Allinson, Lawrie Hooper, Michelle Haywood, Daphne Caine. (8)

Two members spoiled their ballots.

You can re-watch the vote here.

More to follow.


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