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Ramsey - Anne Craine

Anne has been married to David for 23 years. They have 3 children who like Anne have been' educated at Ramsey Grammar School. For the last 9 years she has been an elected Member of the Board of Education and has served Auldyn, Albert Road and Ramsey Grammar Schools where she is presently the chairman of the governing body. Her concern for youth has extended to her involvement in the drop-in centre known as Beryl's Bus. Anne is a member of both the Manx Heritage Foundation and the Lottery Trust of which she is chairman. Appointed a magistrate in 2000 she has in addition served on a Government commission investigating Legal Services and has recently been invited to serve on a further commission appointed to consider legal aid. Her experience and commitment to the community lead her to believe that she has the energy and ability to dedicate herself to serve Ramsey effectively as a full-time representative in the House of Keys.

Ramsey is nestled into a beautiful location of hills, sea and glens. We are fortunate to have a close, caring community made up of people who are friendly, approachable and hardworking.

Why then, are we overlooked whenever Government initiatives are forthcoming? The Island as a whole has never enjoyed greater prosperity than now. Government policy is providing greater opportunities for the Isle of Man than ever before, but this is not reflected in Ramsey. It is apparent that the booming economy of the last 5 years has not reaped the benefits for our town that are enjoyed in other localities.

Lack of effective representation has meant that we are still left out in the cold whenever it comes to Government investment. The result of this is that the work force of Ramsey is not in a position to enjoy the higher quality, better paid opportunities for employment. We are not meeting the demands for housing. Businesses who have remained faithful to the town are not being repaid for their loyalty. Our small shopkeepers are facing difficulties in remaining open. The town is short of 21st century recreational facilities.

I want to see our community benefiting from the same opportunities for quality employment enjoyed by other areas of the Island. I want to see facilities for the elderly that give them a better quality of life in their retirement. I want to see local people being able to obtain houses in their hometown. I want to see shops that prosper and businesses thriving. I want community entertainment facilities that meet all our needs and a dedicated area for our youth in an attempt to bring them in off the streets.

You have the power to make that happen. Please give me your support on 22nd November.

Revitalisation of Ramsey

Ramsey has been identified as an area of full employment, but indicators show that it lacks the higher paid employment enjoyed elsewhere.

To generate badly needed income for the town, we need:-

  • Professionals working and spending in the town.
  • Light industry.
  • A Town Enhancement Programme.

How do we achieve this?
Support for businesses already in existence to ensure their continuation in Ramsey.
Capital allowance schemes.

  • "Small shop" rate incentives supported via local authorities from Central Government funding.
  • Increased power to local authorities to enforce external upkeep of commercial properties.
  • Re-location of Government Departments and the establishment of a multi-departmental agency to reduce the need to travel to Douglas to receive basic government advice and services.

Light Industry
The Department of Trade and Industry should be directed to build on the success of recently constructed light industrial units in Douglas by developing the zoned areas of Ramsey to offer the same facilities. There should be continued support for those industries who are already major employers in Ramsey.

Town Enhancement Programme
Whatever is developed in Ramsey needs to be ofthe maximum benefit for the people of Ramsey.

Old Harbour
Whilst earlier Marina proposals were believed to be unacceptable because of design and financing, a more modest scheme can still be achieved by developing the Old Harbour. I would seek Central Government funding as has been available to Douglas and is to be made available to Port St. Mary and Peel for the creation of this facility.

Multi Purpose Entertainment Centre
Consideration should be given to the development of a centre that could meet the wishes of many different sections of the community, and I believe that it should be built on the Peveril Plot. This could accommodate exhibitions, Yn Chruinnaght, and social functions, and have sights off the main area that could contain staging for amateur dramatic productions or musical concerts and cultural workshops for music, art, craft, and dance. A small lecture theatre could double as a cinema. A dedicated youth area could be created including a sound proof room for "showcase" young musicians to rehearse in.

The Isle of Man is currently processing the distribution of International On-line Gaming Licences. The applicants for these are some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, so why not take this new entertainment based income to pay for entertainment facilities.

The Economy
I support the current tax strategy which seeks to secure the improvement in wealth generated in recent years. We need to strengthen the economy by diversification whilst still listening to the finance sector and keeping it competitive at world level. Shipping and the film industry have proved the worth of this policy and we must continue to be vigilant in seeking new opportunities. We are in a global market place and we must be aware of any external threats to our position in that market place.

External Affairs Ministry
We no longer can rely on our International interests being looked after by the British Government. In little over a week we had two examples of their neglect and how they put their own interests ahead of ours.

When introducing revised insurance cover for acts of terrorism, the Lord Chancellor's Office chose not to recognise that Manx Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways and as such continue with all enveloping cover. They deliberately chose to flex their muscles with the Crown Dependencies and unnecessarily exclude it from cover previously exercised. This caused problems for hospital services, local business people, and families - and held our Government to ransom.

Recent criticism from France of Money Laundering activities within the City of London chose to imply the same of the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. As the Edwards Report proved, our financial regulations are extremely rigorous and were quoted as being "top drawer". We need to distance ourselves from tainted British operations and establish ourselves more firmly within the global market.

These issues and many more must be addressed by the Isle of Man constantly seeking allies in other jurisdictions, and by making direct contact with Europe in Brussels, the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse
I believe that excessive availability and consumption of alcohol is the source of much of the breakdown of law and order in our society. Alcohol is the "acceptable" drug responsible for increasing violence, physical abuse, breakdown of marriages, and depression. Every edition of our local papers reflects evidence of alcohol abuse. I am disturbed to learn how easy it is to obtain drugs in the Isle of Man. There seems to be no alternative to severe penalties for related crimes. We must continue our vigilance over the prevention of drugs entering the Island by various means. I support the Drug and Alcohol Strategy of education, treatment, re-habilitation and law enforcement.

The Government has failed to provide sufficient houses over the last 5 years to meet demand. The latest policy of building 400 houses per annum is only going to cater for the backlog and not address the current needs of Ramsey and the Island. The existing House Purchase and Home Improvement Schemes need revision as they are so restrictive in their approach as to be impractical to many applicants. Older properties in town centres should be considered for a more generous scale of support.

We also need to be creating local authority housing whereby we develop a mixture of 3, 2, or 1 bedroom accommodation. In creating this variety of size of housing it would be possible to invite people to re-locate in the same vicinity when their need for larger property no longer exists, thus retaining the sense of mixed generation communities.

Whilst opposed to the siting of the new school in Clifton Park, I welcome the development of two new primary schools in Ramsey. It is proposed that both schools will be identical in budget, provision and size and without catchment areas in order to offer free choice. In support of the continued growth of Ramsey Grammar School I look forward to the creation of new 6th. form accommodation. Ramsey can take pride in the level of achievement of its young people and they are to be congratulated.

Ramsey Health Facilities
Whilst the future of Ramsey Cottage Hospital remains assured, we must continue to support the development of the many health services available to us at this coveted community facility. The continuation of the care available to us at "The Cottage" will always be of prime importance. Concern is growing about waiting times for medical and dental appointments and we must press for an adequate number of practitioners to serve our population.

I believe that Ramsey should have a new Police Station situated where it can meet the rapid response required by our community today and that it should be manned 24 hours a day.

The Queen's Pier
The Queen's Pier holds a huge amount of sentiment with very many people, in Ramsey and further afield. The harsh reality of the recent independent report to Government indicating that at least 9.5million would have to be spent to refurbish the pier as a structure with historical integrity comes as a shock, and is unlikely to be accepted by Tynwald. Taking a cheaper option will destroy that integrity. We should maintain the Pier on the present basis whilst consideration is given to whether its retention using modern materials is acceptable.

The roads of the Isle of Man are a national disgrace. One of the worst sections has to be the coastal approach to Ramsey. The budget for Highways is in the region of 10million. I believe we should be seeking an assessment of the cost effectiveness of the road repair budget. The repairs on May Hill commenced in February of this year and would undoubtedly have been completed had the TT been run. 8 months on and this section is still unfinished.

Traffic Management
The arterial roads of Ramsey are no longer capable of coping with today's traffic. We have heavy goods vehicles entering and leaving the town through residential areas together with increasing car traffic.

It is not too late to take a radical approach to creating measures to improve traffic flow. Consideration must be given to the Stone Bridge joining North and South Ramsey. This was never constructed to cope with the level of traffic it presently handles. There is an urgent need to develop another river crossing in Ramsey and examine the possibility of a ring road.

In attracting businesses and guests to Ramsey we must address the developing problem of car parking. There is a need to consider multi-story as well as traditional car parking on appropriate sites.

People are worried about the speed of traffic on our roads and importance must be placed on the safety and welfare of those living beside busy thoroughfares. To date the police have appeared to be reluctant to use speed cameras. Their installation throughout the island is long overdue.

Care of the Elderly
Ramsey has a large population of elderly people. There is an increasing need for care accommodation and the obvious place for the development is the old Queen's Hotel site, now lying in a state of dereliction. We need to fill in these "gaping teeth" across the town, and a facility there would give those residents a convenient link up with Cooil ny Marrey and Cummal Mooar.

With the ever increasing number of elderly people we need to try to ensure that careers within the home receive the support they deserve.

Infirmity becomes a disability when it is difficult to access shops and I believe we should introduce grants whereby small businesses can create suitable disabled access.

Children & Young People
I would like to see further assistance such as tax relief on childcare costs being introduced by Treasury and a scheme of assistance developed by the Department of Health and Social Security to allow a parent to remain at home during their child's formative years, such as exists in France.

The Youth Clubs of Ramsey operate most successfully within the town. Sporting facilities and clubs are thriving, but there are always those who do not wish to participate in organised activities.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Report on Law and Order 1996, we need to extend "the provision of local centres for the unstructured social activity of young people" by finding a permanent location for the drop-in provision currently provided by Beryl's Bus. The reduction of juvenile crime in Ramsey has been directly attributable to this facility.

The town cannot continue ignoring the pleas of youth for a Skate park facility in Ramsey. If the provision of an appropriate site can be made, funding for the equipment will be found.

Swimming Pool
A decision is soon going to have to be reached about the development of a new swimming pool. I would suggest that it should be a phased development of the multi-purpose entertainment complex I suggest siting on the Peveril Plot, thus providing all manner of recreational facilities in that area. We should consider the incorporation of a bowling alley at the same time.

St Mary's Church, Ballure
Whilst geographically tucked away, St. Mary's is at the heart of Ramsey for many people. I would like to see the Church relinquish its hold on the building and allow people of Ramsey to make use of it, possibly as a small cultural or concert facility with car parking on the adjacent undeveloped land to give improved access.

Motorcycle Museum
We should not accept that the proposed new Motorcycle Museum should be in Douglas. I have written to the Chief Minister to suggest that this be constructed in Ramsey. Parliament Square still acts as the convenient bikers' gathering place before tackling the mountain. It is obvious that we could best accommodate this museum in Ramsey on the Albert Road School site shortly to become available.

The Port
The port of Ramsey is fortunate to be the base for two active shipping companies as well as having its own shipping yard, all to be encouraged. Regrettably, fishing, which should have benefited from the extension of territorial waters from 3 to 12 miles has failed to do so because of inadequate support for this industry, a situation I would seek to change.

We can all play our part in drawing tourists to Ramsey by creating an attractive environment. Our promenade should be for leisure and pleasure. The removal of industrial equipment from the promenade area is essential to allow freedom of approach to the stone pier and south shore and re-introduce recreational use of this area. Our natural environment lends itself to the development of specialist holidays such as hill walking, bird watching, fishing etc., whilst the regeneration of a strong retail sector will also be of benefit to tourism.

The Environment
Whilst appreciating the need for an incinerator, I do not agree with its proposed location. We need to be constantly assured that the emissions from the plant are filtered to the highest degree to minimise any potential health risks. We must also ensure that we have firm arrangements for the safe disposal of the ash.
The construction of an incinerator does not replace the need for the ongoing good practice of re-cycling and I would support more resources being applied to re-cycling programme's.

The introduction of a Clean Air Act is overdue. Air pollution is clearly visible over Ramsey and other towns of the Island. It is time that we introduced grant schemes for the conversion of grates to burn smokeless fuel together with an introductory period of subsidised fuel.

The confirmation that Sellafield Nuclear Re-Processing Plant is to go ahead with the development of the MOX Plant is of grave concern. Recent disclosure that Sellafield is not secure is alarming as is the information that a possible attack could release 2.5 times the radioactivity of Chernobyl. Continuing to re-process nuclear waste knowing that they are imposing the disposal of radioactive waste on future generations is indicative of the greed, arrogance and irresponsibility of British Nuclear Fuels Limited. In alliance with the Nordic Territories, Eire and other like minded countries we must fight to fulfil Government Policy and have this Plant closed.

Quality of Life
To many people the quality of life we enjoy in the Isle of Man is of great significance.
There are numerous factors which influence it, identity, culture, population and an effective infrastructure to name but a few. However, unbridled immigration can steadily undermine the qualities we treasure. Consequently I favour the implementation of the provisions of the Residency Act as a means of ensuring effective control of this issue.

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