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Douglas South

Returning Officer

Mr P M Saunders 
15/19 Athol Street 

Retiring Members

Hon David Clifford CRETNEY MHK
Adrian Carlos DUGGAN Esq MHK

Election Candidates
Candidate Address Manifesto
David Michael BUTTERY View Manifesto
Gary Rene Mervyn CAIN View Manifesto
Rodney CLARKE View Manifesto
David Clifford CRETNEY View Manifesto
Adrian Carlos DUGGAN View Manifesto
Andrew Charles Richard JESSOP View Manifesto
Public Meetings
Date Time Location Meeting

If you are organising a public meeting for the 2001 General Election the please let us know by e-mailing or call 626892.

Polling Stations
Polling Station Voters No's Place
Polling Station 1 1-461 St Mathews Church Hall
North Quay Douglas
Polling Station 2 462-743 St Mathews Church Hall
North Qual Douglas
Polling Station 3 744-3065 Scoill Vallajeelt
Meadow Crescent, Ballaughton
Polling Station 4 3066-3933 Anagh Coar Primary School
Anagh Coar
Polling Station 5 3934-4838 Pulrose Methodist Hall
Pulrose Road, Pulrose


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