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Constituency Information

Douglas South

David Buttery (Supports PAG)
9 Ridgeway Street, Douglas
Rodney Clarke
Dar-Ray, 7 Farmhill Gardens, Douglas
David Cretney (Manx Labour Party)
41 Vicarage Park, Douglas
Phil Kermode
86 Hailwood Avenue, Governors Hill, Douglas
Bill Malarkey (Liberal Vannin)
Keyden House, 19 Farmhill Park, Douglas
Frank Schuengel
6 Leigh Terrace, Douglas
Public Meetings
Date & Time Location Candidate
Mon 13 Nov
7 30 pm 
Douglas Golf Clubhouse All
Polling Stations
No Polling District Electorial Numbers Place
1 Quay 1 PDQUAY to 274 PDQUAY St Mathew's Church Hall
North Quay, Douglas
2 St Georges 1 PDSTGE to 366 PDSTGE St Mathew's Church Hall
North Quay, Douglas
3 Pulrose 1 PDPULR to 675 PDPULR Pulrose Methodist Church
Pulrose Road, Pulrose Douglas
4 Anagh Coar 1 PDANA to 744 PDANA Anagh Coar Primary School
Anagh Coar, Douglas
5 Ballaughton 1 PDBALN to 2363 PDBALN Scoill Vallajeelt
Meadow Crescent, Ballaughton, Douglas
No of Seats
2 Seats
Retiring Members
David Clifford CRETNEY
Adrian Carlos DUGGAN
Returning Officer
Mr E P Kerruish
Gough & Co.
5th Floor
Anglo International House
North Quay

01624 623919
01624 620230

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