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For more information contact:
Mr C H Meakin
Civic Centre
Farrant's Way
Isle of Man
Tel: + 44 (0) 1624 825005
Fax: + 44 (0) 1624 827134

Previous Elections

2004 Local Authority Election


Seats Available: 9

Candidates - Castletown

No of Seats: 9

With 9 candidates for 9 seats the following people have been elected unopposed.

Carol Barbara Quine (LV)
Civil Servant
3, Close Malew, Farrant Park, Castletown
Alwyn Cooil Collister
20 Scarlett Road, Castletown
Dorothy Elizabeth Faragher
Mill View, Malew Road, Castletown
Paul Ridgeway Kennaugh
Silverburn, Brookfield Avenue, Castletown
Colin Leather
7 James Road, Castletown
Jeremy Martin Vivian Ludford-Brooks
3 Scarlett Close, Castletown
Richard Alexander Ronan
85 Malew Street, Castletown
Andrew Edward Thomas
Norwood, Arbory Road, Castletown
Kevin Patrick Weir
6 Close Malew, Castletown