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For more information contact:
Mr T P Whiteway
Town Hall
Parliament Square
Isle of Man
Tel: + 44 (0) 1624 810100
Fax: + 44 (0) 1624 810101

Previous Elections

2004 Local Authority Election


Seats Available: 12

Candidates - North Ward

No of Seats: 6

With 11 candidates contesting 6 seats an election will be held on the 24th April 2008 with polls opening at 8am.

Nigel Howard Malpass (LV)
International Marine Consultant
10, Clifton Drive, Ramsey.
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John David McDonough
Civil Servant
5 Greenlands View, Ramsey
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Janette Ferguson
103, Queen's Court, Ramsey
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Brian Beattie (Alliance)
22, Brookhill Road, Ramsey.
David John Sugden (Alliance)
Retired Chartered Surveyor
"Folly Cottage", Westfield Drive, Ramsey.
Alexander John Allinson
"St. Olave's Rectory", St. Olave's Close, Ramsey.
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Huard Steven Bevan
IT Consultant
43, Greenlands Avenue, Ramsey.
Eleanor Mary Bruce
Office Assistant / Volunteer Worker
"Tannadice", Balleigh Mews, Ramsey.
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John Peter Ross Gaggs (Alliance)
23, North Shore Road, Ramsey.
Kevin Brian Mayne
Company Director
5, Claughbane Drive, Ramsey
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Wilfred George Young (LV)
Skip Lorry Owner/Scrap Man/Haulage
Young's Yard, Derby Road, Ramsey
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Polling Station

Ramsey Town Hall

Candidates - South Ward

No of Seats: 6

With 8 candidates contesting 6 seats an election will be held on the 24th April 2008 with polls opening at 8am.

Edward Thomas O'Sullivan (LV)
Optical Technician
Flat K2, Victoria Mall, Parliament Street, Ramsey.
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Sylvia Patricia Beattie (Alliance)
22, Brookhill Road, Ramsey.
Richard Radcliffe
Investment Manager
12, Park Road, Ramsey
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Edwina Carlile
16, Christian Close, Ballastowell Gardens, Ramsey
Kevin Alexander Crowe
HGV Driver
30, Close ny Mooragh, North Shore Road, Ramsey
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Geoffrey Keith Quayle
Retired Bank Official
"The Oaks", Lezayre Road, Ramsey
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William Quigley (Alliance)
Local Government Officer (Retired)
2, Queen's Drive West, Ramsey
Leonard Ian Singer (Alliance)
Apt, 3, "Kensington", Queen's Promenade, Ramsey

Polling Station

St Paul's Church